Tech Bar Training – 06/15/23

We finally brought back our biannual Tech Bar Trainings. Below are the sessions we held with their resources.


Honestly the answer is BOTH! Technological adaptability is a key digital skill for today’s workforce. However it’s helpful to know which tool is right for the task-at-hand. This session will explore the differences between Google Sheets and Excel. If time allows we’ll do some hands-on work with Pivot Tables – if you haven’t used Pivot Tables before come see what you’ve been missing!

If you are new to using Google or just need a refresher, come join us in this session as we go over the basics of using the services available in G Suite such as Gmail, Calendar and Drive.

Resources: Google Workspace Training

Get started creating a website for your class or for yourself! Only materials necessary are an idea for a website and a laptop!

Resources: Knight Domains

From signing in to Okta to managing your email, we’ll cover different tips and tricks that can make your workflow most efficient.

Resources: Presentation

Are you looking for ways to be more creative in your presentations, marketing, and social media posts? Come and learn about what Canva has to offer and see how easy it is to add to your toolbox.

Resources: Canva

In this session you’ll learn about online presence and your digital footprint. You’ll also learn how to make your information secure and keep it that way.

Come learn the in’s and out’s of Google Drive! We’ll discuss different ways to organize files as well as other things you can accomplish with Drive.

Resources: Google Workspace Training

Explore all the different tools that can be used to create forms. We’ll give an overview on these tools and then show a more in depth look at Google Forms, including how to use Autocrat to create documents from form responses.


Chat GPT, and other AI generative products, has gained popularity since the public launch in November 2022. Opinions continue to differ on whether this is a utopian or dystopian tool depending on how it is used. This session will focus on how using Chat GPT may help you with certain day to day tasks you have!


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