The use of Kahoot in accounting courses

Fall 2021, I taught managerial accounting and auditing. The major difference between those two courses is that managerial accounting is a non-accounting major course, while auditing is an accounting major course. This likely leads to different perceptions of learning accounting materials. Especially, accounting courses are generally considered as hard and boring; therefore, my project was to incorporate Kahoot! as a tool to engage my students with some fun throughout this semester. Finally, I collected their feedback on the use of Kahoot!

This is an example question.


  • In general, I find that both major and non-major students love Kahoot and they are prone to have the number and conceptual questions on Kahoot. Students found it helpful that they could get immediate feedback on their answers and why it was right or wrong. It also gave them a chance to practice the concept right away, and they can find out how confident they are in the material immediately. Importantly, Kahoot gave students a nice break from the lecture and the bonus points motivated them to answer correctly. Please see the picture below showing the correct rate for the questions.
  • Surprisingly, major students prefer to have more Kahoot questions during class time than non-major students. The possible reason could be that major students have a clear goal of treating accounting information. For example, major students generally have more interest in accounting subjects than non-major students. Doing more accounting practices in Kahoot won’t throw them off as they have been trained well previously. In addition, major students might think that Kahoot questions could help them prepare for the CPA exams.

Challenge and future improvement

  1. Accounting questions generally take longer to answer, and Kahoot only allows 4 mins max. Sometimes, it does not provide enough time for calculation questions. I will carefully consider the length and time needed when choosing Kahoot questions. Also, I might consider splitting the screen with the question and Kahoot on each side and offering extra time to work on the problem.
  2. When doing Kahoot questions, students are required to log in to the webpage individually. Some students were slow to log in and it was kind of time-consuming. Next time, I will ask them to have their devices ready at the beginning of the class, which will likely reduce their preparation time.

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