Active Learning with Assessments

Looking for ways to use assessments and assignments to increase student learning? This session will discuss ways to add varying assessments and activities to your courses. Explore how activities like quick teaching techniques, podcasting, “Ted-like talks”, domains, and VR can increase student engagement while allowing instructors to evaluate student learning.

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How do you determine the content of your course? Why do you do certain activities with your students? What types of assessments do you have and why to you do them that way? What are the overarching outcomes of your course? Take a look at this video for example of active learning activities and assessments that may be helpful in your course design and planning.

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Semester Preparedness

I feel prepared for the upcoming semester.


All around campus, active learning assessments are taking place. Instructors are using virtual reality, escape rooms and technology gamification to engage students in the learning process.  Take a look at some student centered examples, maybe some of these ideas can find a place in your course design.

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DIgital Fellow Invite

The purpose of Digital Fellows is to offer faculty/instructors an opportunity to make a change in their pedagogy to elevate learning at SNC. This cohort model will encourage instructors to enrich their teaching and learning with the use of  innovative digital pedagogy. Centered around student learning and backed by research and feedback, digital fellows will disseminate what they have learned through their experiences with these transformative initiatives to the campus community.

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