We invite you to partake in our Domains Camp, open for any faculty, staff, or student wanting to learn about website creation. Roll up your sleeves and lace your hiking boots for this hands-on experience for any skill level. Separated in modules, we will be exploring all things domains and digital ownership while going on an imaginary hike. Some stops on the trek include digital identity, the basics of WordPress, and teaching with domains. Spots are limited, so don’t lose your opportunity to be a happy camper and build up your digital skills through a domain.


coming winter 2024




What is the web?

Learn the history of the world wide web and internet.

Digital Identity and Ownership
  • Who are you online?
  • What traces do you leave?
  • How do you describe yourself to others?
  • How do you shape your digital presence?

These are the central questions around Digital Identity. In this session, we will dive into these questions and more.

Understanding Domains and File Structures

How does the web know where to send us and what to show us when we search for and load sites? In this session, we’ll be exploring the technical concepts behind what makes a website.

Goal Setting

This session is all about building a website with intention. You will set goals for the site you will be building in the next sessions.

Installing WordPress

We will be installing and learning how to use WordPress.

Building a Site with WordPress

We will be putting your goals to work and building your website.

Teaching and Learning with Domains

Learn the in’s and out’s of how to utilize a domain for teaching and learning.